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Join the lab as a study participant or research assistant!

Interested in speech and language research?

The lab is actively collecting data for many exciting studies, and you can help us! 

Simply by being a speaker, you can make a critical contribution to language science. Most of our current research involves simple, risk-free computer tasks designed to assess the way your brain uses language. Study participants are compensated for their time, and experience the unique satisfaction of knowing that they helped to advance our understanding of language and the brain. 



We are currently recruiting participants for these studies:








































Reach out to us!  We would love to answer your questions and find out if you're a good candidate for research. 

HD-tDCS Language Aquisition Study

Learn words in an unfamiliar language with the assistance of Transcranial Direct Current Stimulation! This is a noninvasive and low-risk technology which targets specific brain regions to help you learn more effectively.

Participant requirements: 

- 18+ years old

- English fluency

- No history of seizures, epilepsy, or other neurological condition 

- Normal hearing

Reimbursement: $10

Spanish-English Listening Study

Ever wondered how your Spanish affects your English and vice-versa? 

Help the GAB Lab understand the bilingual brain by listening to recordings of speech and answering questions in English and Spanish. 

Participant requirements: 

- 18+ years old

- Speaks both English and Spanish at an intermediate or higher level

- One or both as first language

- Normal hearing

Reimbursement: $25

Sentence Constraints Study

Do MadLibs for science!

You will be asked to fill in the blanks for sentences with missing verbs. This study is designed to give us a window into how predictable certain words are in a particular context.

Participant requirements: 

- 18+ years old

- Native Spanish speaker

Spanish-English Pronunciation Study

Participate in a research study through the University of Montana to help us understand how the brains stores words across two languages.

Participant requirements: 

- 18-85 years old

- Has never attended college

- Native Spanish speaker

- Speaks English at an intermediate or higher level

- Good hearing and no neurological disorders

Reimbursement: $25

Want to participate?

Not sure if you qualify?

Want to find out more about a study?

Stay tuned for more studies recruiting soon...

  • Russian-English Listening Study
  • ​French English Listening Study

Let’s Work Together

Get in touch to find out if you qualify to participate in our research!

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